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23 07 2008
Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven

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This summer’s ultimate beach accessory

5 06 2008

Jeremy Piven
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So far I’ve spent $24,533 on protein supplements, gym memberships, and surfing lessons just so that I could meet some hot girls at the beach this summer, but it turns out all I need is a brown ’77 Ford Bronco. Or the ridiculous fame that comes with starring on HBO’s Entourage. Either way, props to Jeremy Piven for restoring the Ford Bronco’s name within the celebrity car world.

Own the Parade
When it comes to new open-air trucks there is really only one way to head to the beach and that’s in a Jeep Wrangler. If you want to go used there seems to be a nice surplus of Broncos left on MyRide.

Hydrogen is the new Black

2 12 2007

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What are the Hollywood A-list driving these days? If you said hybrids you’d be right…in 2006. Hydrogen is the new hybrid baby! BMW has been busy handing out to celebrities the keys to its Hydrogen 7: Will Ferrell got his back in August, Leno added one to his garage in September (check out the MyRide interview!), and now apparently Jeremy Piven has one too (right).

Own the Parade
Good luck getting a Hydrogen 7. You could purchase a normal BMW 7 Series and replicate the green-version’s massive decals, which would be like placing “hybrid” badges on a base Civic. Not classy.