Celebrity Car Interview: Ashley Force

27 08 2008

Last week in the MyRide parking lot we had a Dodge Viper. Its 600 horsepower engine made it one of the most powerful cars we’ve driven all year. NHRA Funny Car pro Ashley Force’s Castrol GTX Ford has 8,000 horsepower. If her car could theoretically maintain its top speed of 330 mph over an extended period of time, Ashley Force could make it from Los Angeles to San Francisco in just over an hour. That said, her actual races rarely last more than 4.9 seconds; take that Michael Phelps. Not only has Ashley become quite accomplished racing for her father’s team, John Force Racing, but she has also gained much attention off the drag strip after two seasons starring on A&E Network’s Driving Force. Last year AOL even crowned her the “Hottest Athlete in Sports” (and yes that list included Amanda Beard, Maria Sharapova, and Danica Patrick). With that, another MyRide With.


Advertisements Celebrity Car Interview: Slick Rick Rivera, Internet TV Host

8 07 2008

Slick Rick Rivera, former pro-skater and host of “Slick’s Picks” on Scion’s Broadband network has a tough job. Slick travels across the globe to discover the world’s coolest cultural landmarks, stores, and restaurants in a search for the latest in fashion, music, and nightlife. Slick has been seen patrolling Austin, TX during the SXSW music festival, interviewing Talib Kweli backstage in Chicago, and hanging out with breakdancers at the Eiffel Tower. Since Slick seems to have an opinion on most everything, we figured we’d throw some car questions his way. Close the jet door for another MyRide With. Continue… Celebrity Car Interview: Christian Oliver, Actor

8 07 2008

Automotive website, Speed Racer movie debut…sounds like a perfect opportunity for a MyRide With…! We hollered at Speed Racer star Christian Oliver with our five question special and he hollered right back. In the movie Christian plays Speed’s racing nemesis, Snake Oiler, and as it turns out Christian has had some track time in real life too. Before Speed Racer, Christian was cast in The Good German alongside Cate Blanchett, and when he isn’t making that scrilla on screen, he’s running his own production company. Throw on your racing harness and hop in for MyRide With…Christian Oliver. Continue…

Matt Damon spied in Tesla Roadster

5 06 2008

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The Tesla Roadster has created a lot of buzz in Hollywood, and why not, it’s a super-fast, zero-emissions convertible with Black Card caché. Much of that buzz has been semi-confirmed speculation surrounding who is actually on the list to take ownership of one, and spotting a celebrity in a Tesla is rarer than seeing Michael Jackson in public. Well add Matt Damon to the “confirmed” side of the semi-confirmed list. Big shout out to our friends at for spotting Damon rolling through LA in a prototype, check out the story here.

Own the Parade
Who killed the electric car? Who cares! EVs are making a comeback riding a wave of green vehicles hitting the market in the near future.

May we all be infected

19 11 2007

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Notice the slightly goofy look on Hayden Panettiere’s face. It’s actually the result of a condition called “joyous maxiumus”, which commonly occurs when exiting a vehicle such as a Lamborghini Gallardo. It usually wears off after a couple days (or upon the receipt of a maintenance invoice).

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If you live in California, your chances of owning a Lamborghini just went way up. More of them are sold in that state than anywhere else in North America. Of course being rich will help your chances too.