Celebrity Car Interview: Oliva Munn

23 07 2008

Actress Olivia Munn is best-known for her current role as co-host of G4’s Attack of the Show. While we can’t back it with data, we’d guess she’s probably the most popular talent the channel has. In addition to her role on Attack of the Show, Munn is a successful model, having appeared in campaigns for Nike, Pepsi and Neutrogena. Olivia Munn has also been getting her Hollywood on with roles in the recently released horror-film Insanitarium, Rob Schneider’s upcoming Big Stan, and The Slammin’ Salmon (the next big movie from the guys who brought you Super Troopers). You can check her out too every day on’s daily vodcast, Around the Net. With that, here’s another MyRide With. Continue…

Advertisements Celebrity Car Interview: Krysten Ritter, Actress

8 07 2008

One day we woke up and actress Krysten Ritter had dropped a MyRide With off in our mailbox, which is awesome because hot girls rarely ever email us. Actually, her publicist emailed us but roll with it, okay?
Krysten got her start modeling after an agency scouted her in a mall at the age of 15. After spending a handful of years traveling around the world doing the model thing (like we know what that means), Krysten took up acting and has been stepping up her game ever since. She had reoccurring roles on the television shows Gilmore Girls and ‘Til Death, and Krysten is currently on screen in What Happens in Vegas… opposite Ashton Kutcher. Next up, among other projects, Krysten has the starring role in DreamWorks SKG’s now-filming She’s Out of My League (we told you she’s doing big things). And if starting your day or ending your night with a little indie music is your jam, check out her band, ex vivian, on MySpace. And with that, lap belts on for another MyRide With. Continue…

Rolling large in the Lincoln Navigator

26 03 2008

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Demi Moore hopped out of this Lincoln Navigator yesterday on her way to “Live with Regis and Kelly”. Personally, I’d rather take a nap in the massive back seat of that luxurious beast than spend a morning peppered with question by their circus of a morning show.

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I like the Lincoln Navigator for two reasons: One, it’s a boss truck, you roll big when you drive it. Two, if there’s ever a run on raw materials, you could scrap the thing and sell the thirty-two tons of chrome on it for a nice profit.

Katherine Heigl trashes her Range Rover

3 03 2008

Look Katherine Heigl, I know your career is taking off and all, but putting your perfectly good Range Rover Sport in a trash bag because you’re bored with it is a funny way to show off your success.

Katherine Heigl
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There are plenty of Range Rovers on MyRide looking for good homes, adopt one today!

Shameless Exploitation In the Automotive World

7 02 2008

The clothing brand BEBE SPORT is looking to get their Parade on in a new ad campaign featuring Eva Longoria and a Lamborghini Gallardo. While I applaud them on furthering the cause, I have to say that I’m very against the objectification of cars for commercial, or any other purposes. Honestly, I thought we had left these antics in the 1980s where it was okay for Tawny Kitaen to dance freely on the hood of an innocent Jaguar (Whitesnake anyone?). Shame on you bebe. Shame on you.Click to see photo

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Some say MyRide’s Studs & Duds articles are shallow and don’t see cars for what they truly are on the inside. Well, shame on us too.

Vintage rusty vans are so in.

24 01 2008

Yesterday we learned that Jennifer Lopez does not roll a van…but guess which Jennifer does? The Aniston variety, seen here in a 1960’s Ford Falcon. Well, technically, the van belongs to a character she is playing in an upcoming movie, but it’s a nice look on her, very vintage (as opposed to if you and I were driving the van, and then the look would be called “very broke”.)

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Ford’s out of the minivan business, but their Edge has been called a modern-day Falcon (umm, by me.)

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2 01 2008

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Sienna Miller (a British actress who happens to have a role in a personal favorite of mine, Layer Cake) has finally passed her UK driving test. With that it was straight to the dealership for a fresh-out-the-box 2008 Audi TT convertible (you saw the pictures here first). In other news, according to a UK government-research firm it typically rains about one day out of three in England.

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We love the new Audi TT Roadster (read our review here) so you know we approve of Sienna’s ride. That said, if your own kid just passed a driving test, you might want to check out other options that are less encouraging of reckless joyriding (I was sixteen not too long ago, trust me on this one).