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The Parade is always looking for contributions to the site, so if you have ideas, photos, or general feedback, write to


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13 08 2007

Great site!… Will keep this bookmarked, and hope there’s always new content up. Good luck, and keep up the great work. 🙂

13 08 2007
Helene Darvick

Best license plate spotted on a mint condition 911 Porshe being driven by a very pretty woman:


13 08 2007
Jessica Finateri

Insane, Elliot! Glad to officially be a part of the “parade”. Keep it up!!


14 08 2007

Thank you. But remember that timing is everything and you got it spot on.
Mega-site idea and site.
Thanks to the boys at Autoblog that I checked you out yesterday.

All the best.
You better get ready to ramp up cuz this site will go big, real fast.

5 11 2007
celebrity video clips

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2 12 2007

Thanks for posting my responds. I am looking for a wrestling car that is why I came to your site. …take care

16 01 2008
virgil t

hey!visit my website and respond if you agree in link exchange..regards,cars4tuning team.

21 02 2008

Me like 😀

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