Can I still get a Mercedes?

6 08 2007


So the big news today is that Cerberus Capital Management LP has tapped former Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli to run their new gem, Chrysler. Now some of you might remember that back when Boeing’s former Vice President Alan Mulally took the helm of Ford Motor Company, he had to get rid of the keys to his unwelcomed-in-Dearborn Lexus LS460. Given Nardelli’s $200 million Home Depot severance package, I’m guessing he didn’t blow it on a PT Cruiser. He claims today to have once driven a Dodge Dart. Well at least as CEO he’ll know what kind of car not to build…


Escalade Getaway for the WSJ Heist

3 08 2007


You are already worth north of $6.5 billion and you manage to jack one of the world’s most respected publications. What better truck to ride out in than a Cadillac Escalade. Rupert Murdoch, ladies and gentleman.