One Man, Two Supermodels

22 02 2008

Here’s one the tabloids missed: While R&B singer Seal is married to German supermodel Heidi Klum, here he’s pictured in public with an Italian supermodel instead. I’m not one to player hate, so I’ll pose this question to the crowd: if you had to take one, which would you choose? Ladies I realize this is a bit of an exclusionary question but feel free to chime too.

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Me, I’m partial to the German supermodel (that is, the Audi R8). One lucky MyRide staffer spent an afternoon with her and you can watch the video here.

Best Comment So Far:

Take Heidi for sure!The car is gorgeous and you can’t deny that. Heidi represents a lifetime of passion and success in her industry. It’s safe to say she has legendary status in her industry and will continue to be successful as a prominent fashion/modeling figure.

Not to mention by having the income of Heidi to add to yours you get buy any kind of car you want. Talk about cake and eating it too. (no pun intended)


Swedish Royalty, Volvo Loyalty

20 02 2008

When it comes to country leaders and their cars, it’s all about political patriotism over preference. George Bush leans back in a Cadillac limo, Nicolas Sarcozy was busted speeding in a Renault, Queen Elizabeth kicks it with her corgis in a Jaguar, and until recently, even the prime minister of India always rode in a vehicle produced by Hindustan Motors. It should come as no surprise that Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, seen recently, rolls a Swedish-made Volvo S80.

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The Volvo S80 is a royal car at an IKEA price, how could you go wrong?

Celebrity Cars for Sale, pt. 2!

15 02 2008

What truck has a Skyjacker suspension, 38” tires, a fishing pole radio antenna, and (as of writing) 52 bids on eBay? Larry the Cable Guy’s personal Dodge Ram truck of course! Jump on this chance to become the envy of every NASCAR tailgate, or just do it because you’ll be raising money for a personal cause of Larry’s (and mine), juvenile diabetes. Check it out here, and make sure to watch Larry’s amusing vehicle walk-around. Big thanks to the Auction Cause crew on this one.

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Looking for something that’s a little more stock and a little less “the sticks”? Dodge’s new Ram will hit the market shortly, read more here.

Comment of the Day

15 02 2008

I should start out by saying that just because I mark something comment of the day doesn’t mean I agree with it. Case in point, in response to Celebrity Cars for Sale!:

…well, its still a car, just driven by someone who someone else deems important or note worthy. This does not in anyway make it special. In fact given they probably don’t care about it, or maintain it, it will get flogged by all the ’stars’ chore-whores anyway.

Celebrity cars owned by F1 pilots or known motoring ’stars’ – who often don’t need sleep with 10 team owners to get a ride … are worth noting.

Waste of pixels.

Sounds like someone’s a bit cranky! You know what I have to say? See above post.

The Billionaire Car Spectrum

14 02 2008

What do you drive if you’re worth billions? It depends. On one end you have “low-fliers” like Warren Buffet, who keeps it modest in a Cadillac DTS. In the middle you have your “diplomat ballers” in their stately armored Rolls Royces and Bentleys. At the far end you have your “GDPs” (net worth comparable to a small country’s GDP) like the Sultan of Brunei, who literally can’t spend his money on cars fast enough (he has over 367 Ferraris). And then…you have what we call “eccentric money” like Richard Branson, who was recently seen driving a tank down a major street in Toronto. I’ll take a Ferrari, thank you.

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This is too good not to do a “Caption This”.

Celebrity Cars for Sale!

13 02 2008

Little known fact: not only can you read about celebrity cars on MyRide, but you can actually shop for them too! For instance, this black Mercedes Benz SLK55 AMG belongs to Melanie Brown (Mel B, Scary Spice) of the Spice Girls and can be yours today for under $46,000!

Other Celebrity Cars currently listed on MyRide:
-Holly Madison’s Porsche Cayenne (Hugh Hefner girlfriend, “Girls Next Door”)
-Milton Berle’s Mercedes 380SL
1989 Chevrolet Celebrity

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Comment of the Day

13 02 2008

This is why I love the crowd:

From hughvic, responding to “Matthew McConaughey’s / Lincoln’s Saving Grace”

I don’t think that there can be much question but that Lincoln’s is the greater embarassment. That Lincoln would re-badge or even re-skin anything other than a 500 hp Shelby design is a bloomin’ disgrace bordering on Empress Yekaterina’s Potemkin tour. Ford and Mercury should be fielding lines cobbled from downstream surplus Lincoln tooling; Lincoln never should have been positioned downstream of Ford, and forced to survive on the little unwary fish left uncaught by Explorers and Exhibitions and Hemispheres and Tectonics and other such rolling Superdomes that make their own weather to the continual dismay of the ladies who lunch. As for Mr. McConaughey, as long as he cleaves to his lovely Brazilian and keeps up with his nude bongo practice, he can wear a bro for all I care. And should he insist on both the manpurse and the manssiere, then that gentleman might consider a Vector to temper his excess.