The Ride of Choice for NATO/Celebrities

4 08 2007

Like Baby said, the G-Wagon’s still fly

It never fails to amaze me how much appeal the G-Wagon still has with the elite of the world (for a little background on the G-Wagon, click here). I think a lot of it extends from the fact that these vehicles were EXTREMELY rare in the US until Mercedes starting selling them through their dealer network. Or maybe it was that Pope John Paul II pushed one around the Vatican — I really don’t know. I seem to recall back when Steve Yzerman was playing for the Red Wings, he had one of the only ones in Detroit (I think it was the ever rare cabriolet too, though I could be mistaken). Here you can see Ashley Olsen getting out of hers in LA (obscured, yes, but you can’t mistake the 90 degree rake of the windshield) and Nicole Richie with hers in Beverly Hills. If you’ve ever had the privilege to hop in one and close the door, you know it’s like slamming shut a vault door – which is useful if you are trying to escape paprazzi trying to get a photo of your stomach because you are clearly pregnant.