Celebrity Car Interview: Courtney Hansen

5 08 2008
Courtney Hansen in her Aston Martin DB9

Courtney Hansen in her Aston Martin DB9

We’d be willing to bet that very few alumni of FHM Magazine’s “100 Sexiest Women in the World” have also been featured with their cars in DUB Magazine, and we would almost guarantee that Courtney Hansen is the only one in that population that was once called by Hot Rod Magazine “the female face of hot rodding.” Intrigued? So were we. Courtney is a former co-host of TLC’s Overhaulin’, and is the current host of Spike TV’s PowerBlock every Saturday and Sunday. Courtney has a new show on Spike TV premiering on August 17th called Great Builds, and she was also a stunt car driver in The Dark Knight. Okay, we made up the part about being a stunt car driver, but that’s probably the only thing that could make Courtney Hansen any cooler. With that, another MyRide With. Continue…


No more limos for Mike Tyson

30 08 2007

Mike Tyson - Cadillac Rolling

That’s okay, because Mike Tyson has a friend with an Escalade. For someone who at the time of declaring bankruptcy owed one limo company well over $300,000, I’m glad to see he is still rolling around in style. Tyson is no stranger to the Celebrity Car Parade having once (I’m being presumptuous with the past tense here) owned a Ferarri F50.

Mike Tyson - Cadillac Rolling2

Can someone confirm for me what type of limo Mike Tyson was picked up from jail in back in ’95? Strange question, I know, but I seem to recall it was a stretch Lambo. Any truth to this?

It’s not a White Bronco…

21 08 2007

Simpson’s new truck

…it’s an Escalade! Okay, so the only thing Jessica Simpson and OJ have in common is a last name, not very clever, I know. Just enjoy the Parade.

Also, it seems there is some common consensus that E’s ride is an E-Class of some type. I’d expect something a little flashier for young Hollywood, but maybe having dated a Hilton was flashy enough……..and that’s as gossipy as this site will ever get.

Escalade Getaway for the WSJ Heist

3 08 2007


You are already worth north of $6.5 billion and you manage to jack one of the world’s most respected publications. What better truck to ride out in than a Cadillac Escalade. Rupert Murdoch, ladies and gentleman.