Family Sedan for Madden & Richie

21 02 2008

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden recently became parents, so it’s appropriate that they’ve been out driving a nice family sedan (a Bentley Continental Flying Spur). But what about other Hollywood parents? Look out soon for another Celebrity Car Parade Spotlight, this time on the automotive world of celebrity parenting.

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Own the Parade
Oh, you can’t afford a Bentley family sedan? Neither can most of America, so don’t feel bad. Check out MyRide’s What’s Next: Sedans for a peek at what you might (realistically) find in your driveway soon.


Keep the house…

10 08 2007

Kobe - Bentley 2

…but the Bentley’s mine.

Okay, so maybe the divorce rumors are unfounded, but would you look like this…

Kobe - Bentley

…if you drove a Bentley that probably tops out over $180,000 and has options that cost more than a slightly-used Chevy Aveo? Maybe he is pondering the non-existence of a prenuptial agreement with Vanessa. Cheer up Kobe.