Celebrity Car Interview: Ashley Force

27 08 2008

Last week in the MyRide parking lot we had a Dodge Viper. Its 600 horsepower engine made it one of the most powerful cars we’ve driven all year. NHRA Funny Car pro Ashley Force’s Castrol GTX Ford has 8,000 horsepower. If her car could theoretically maintain its top speed of 330 mph over an extended period of time, Ashley Force could make it from Los Angeles to San Francisco in just over an hour. That said, her actual races rarely last more than 4.9 seconds; take that Michael Phelps. Not only has Ashley become quite accomplished racing for her father’s team, John Force Racing, but she has also gained much attention off the drag strip after two seasons starring on A&E Network’s Driving Force. Last year AOL even crowned her the “Hottest Athlete in Sports” (and yes that list included Amanda Beard, Maria Sharapova, and Danica Patrick). With that, another MyRide With.

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20 08 2008
Dallas Friday Airlines, routine flight

Dallas Friday Airlines, routine flight

X Games Champion, World Champion, U.S. Open Champion, ESPY Awards: Best Female Action Sports Athlete of the Year…should we continue? We could, because when it comes to wakeboarding, there are very few things Red Bull pro athlete Dallas Friday hasn’t conquered. How about the winningest female wakeboarder in history? Yeah, that would be Dallas Friday too. But what about when Dallas isn’t out competing on her own signature O’Brien wakeboard? It turns out her board isn’t the only customized ride she has. With that, another MyRide With.


Photocredit: (c)Bill Doster/Red Bull Photofiles Celebrity Car Interview: Courtney Hansen

5 08 2008
Courtney Hansen in her Aston Martin DB9

Courtney Hansen in her Aston Martin DB9

We’d be willing to bet that very few alumni of FHM Magazine’s “100 Sexiest Women in the World” have also been featured with their cars in DUB Magazine, and we would almost guarantee that Courtney Hansen is the only one in that population that was once called by Hot Rod Magazine “the female face of hot rodding.” Intrigued? So were we. Courtney is a former co-host of TLC’s Overhaulin’, and is the current host of Spike TV’s PowerBlock every Saturday and Sunday. Courtney has a new show on Spike TV premiering on August 17th called Great Builds, and she was also a stunt car driver in The Dark Knight. Okay, we made up the part about being a stunt car driver, but that’s probably the only thing that could make Courtney Hansen any cooler. With that, another MyRide With. Continue… Celebrity Car Interview: Taylor Dent, Pro Tennis Player

9 07 2008

Pro tennis player Taylor Dent has a Ferrari-fast serve that’s been clocked at 151 mph (keep in mind Andy Roddick holds the record at 155). He holds four ATP singles titles and played on the U.S. tennis team at the 2004 Olympics. At one point, Dent was ranked #21 in the world, and he has also made top showings at both the U.S. Open and Wimbledon. With that, another MyRide With. Continue… Celebrity Car Interview: Nick Dompierre, Pro Skateboarder

8 07 2008

Red Bull pro-athlete Nick Dompierre is just as comfortable performing an ollie on his skateboard for the cover of Thrasher Magazine as he is blasting off tire-smoking burnouts at the drag strip. In our experience, this makes perfect sense. Action sports athletes are adrenaline junkies no matter what the medium, and when that need for adrenaline fuels a passion for cars too, well, you know we need to do a MyRide With.

Raised in Massachusetts, Nick took on skateboarding seriously at a young age. By the age of 16, Nick had a major sponsor, and by 19, he was nominated for Transworld SKATEboarding’s 2006 Street Skater of the Year. In his words, “I’ll skate any contest,” and after having watched some of his footage on YouTube, we believe it. Throw on your skateboard kicks for another MyRide With. Continue…

Hulk Hogan: Caption This!

5 06 2008

Hulk Hogan
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There is just too much going on in this photo not to run a Caption This. Give me your best caption and if it wins I will mail you a MyRide t-shirt not signed by Hulk Hogan. Here’s mine:

“My kids clearly can’t drive so I’m going to take my chances and walk home.”

Got a better one?

David Beckham in his new Jeep Wrangler

5 06 2008

David Beckham
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The other day I noted that, “when it comes to new open-air trucks there is really only one way to head to the beach and that’s in a Jeep Wrangler.” David Beckham knows what’s up and just bought one himself. He gave it the Beckham treatment (blacking out everything, something he does to most all of his cars) and has been seen rolling through SoCal in it over the past couple days. For someone raised in Britain he has always shown a strange affinity for American trucks (Ford F-150, Lincoln Navigator, Cadillac Escalade, and Hummer H2 to name a few).