Celebrity Car Interview: Tao Berman, World’s Greatest Kayaker

8 07 2008

There is human, and then there is Red Bull athlete Tao Berman. USA Today called him the “world’s foremost extreme kayaker.” Sports Illustrated called him “the best-known kayaker on the planet.” And when we called him to do a MyRide With, some how in between paddling off 300-foot waterfalls, dropping into rivers out of helicopters, and running for political office, Tao found time to call back. Tao is a world record holder for the tallest, fastest, and longest waterfall descents in a kayak. He’s been a top competitor in freestyle and extreme kayak racing and has more than 50 first descents to his name, many of which haven’t been attempted since. What’s a first descent? As we understand it, the term means you were the first person with enough kahunas to paddle off a particular waterfall. At least in bull riding you have a rodeo clown to save your ass. Throw on your helmet as we descend into another MyRide With. Continue…




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