Celebrity Car Interview: Krysten Ritter, Actress

8 07 2008

One day we woke up and actress Krysten Ritter had dropped a MyRide With off in our mailbox, which is awesome because hot girls rarely ever email us. Actually, her publicist emailed us but roll with it, okay?
Krysten got her start modeling after an agency scouted her in a mall at the age of 15. After spending a handful of years traveling around the world doing the model thing (like we know what that means), Krysten took up acting and has been stepping up her game ever since. She had reoccurring roles on the television shows Gilmore Girls and ‘Til Death, and Krysten is currently on screen in What Happens in Vegas… opposite Ashton Kutcher. Next up, among other projects, Krysten has the starring role in DreamWorks SKG’s now-filming She’s Out of My League (we told you she’s doing big things). And if starting your day or ending your night with a little indie music is your jam, check out her band, ex vivian, on MySpace. And with that, lap belts on for another MyRide With. Continue…




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