The sweetest car on Rodeo Drive…is a Buick

5 06 2008

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David Spade hands the valet his keys who thinks, “wow, someone’s career is hurting”. How wrong you are Mr. Valet. Any Hollywood bum can buy a Bentley. This fine specimen? A 1987 Buick GNX, one of the rarest (only 547 produced) and fastest (quicker than an ’08 BMW M3) cars GM has ever produced, and in my opinion one of the saving graces of the 1980s.

Own the Parade
For more info, check out the GNX Wikipedia entry.

Update: Some are saying this actually is a regular Grand National and not a GNX. Thoughts? Who should be more embarrassed, me or David Spade?




One response

23 04 2010
Matt Conte

It is just a Grand National. One of the big things you can use to tell the differents is the GNX has the “Engine Vents” in black just above and rear to the front wheel wells on the front fenders. Other notable things on the GNX are added fender flares, wheels and the big red “GNX” on the grill. BUT The “regular” Buick Regal Grand National is no slouch and a very saught after collector/performance car. I had one as a company car in the mid 80s. Very Fast.

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