Celebrity Car for Sale: Jerry Seinfeld

27 03 2008

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This morning Autoblog reported Jerry Seinfeld’s 1997 Porsche Turbo S was for sale with a hefty “celebrity premium” built into the price ($225K vs. Blue Book’s $82K). Let me be the first to report that it sold anyway (can’t say who). According to the seller, not only did Jerry own the very first one off the line (which boosts the value more than celebrity ownership), but he took the last one off of the line too. Two of the same cars! I’m lucky if my socks match in the morning.

Own the Parade
Feeling saucy? Use MyRide to search for a used Porsche 911 or check out the selection over at TruSpeed Motorcars, the place that sold the Seinfeld-edition Porsche.




One response

28 03 2008
car for sale sign

that is sweet. I think that I would have gone for one in the middle and save a few bucks. perhaps gotten two from the middle.

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