What color is Paris Hilton’s new truck? Green.

11 03 2008

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I’ve started to see Paris Hilton out in her new GMC Yukon Hybrid, one of the first off dealer lots in Los Angeles. TMZ immediately called Paris a hypocrite for keeping her fuel-intensive Bentley GTC; where I’m from we call that “player hating”. Congrats Paris, go cry about it TMZ.

Own the Parade
Trying to figure out if a hybrid is right for you? MyRide already did the math for you. Check out how long it would take for Paris to get gas mileage payback on the Yukon (hint: good thing she’s rich).

Parade Extra
Forbes is running an article right now Celebrities Who Drive Green, check it out! Thanks to Faryl for the heads up!




4 responses

11 03 2008

Hmmm. I wouldn’t call Paris “green” just yet. She doesn’t need this large of a vehicle. As a matter of fact, a smaller non-hybrid car would get much better gas mileage than the yukon’s estimated 20 mpg and it wouldn’t have a large potentially toxic battery pack to power the electric motor. If she needs a car to haul around her entourage, then this may be a good solution, but I predict that she will mostly be driving herself around.

If she really wants to be green, she would be driving a smart car or a small diesel. Even a Prius would be better.

11 03 2008

Michael, I agree with you regarding your statement that there are better choices out their for impacting one’s contribution to making this a “greener” earth. That said, I made no claim that Paris was a “green celebrity” and am in no position to do so about any individual; I simply made the observation that she was driving a “green vehicle”. I’ll applaud anyone for taking a step in the right direction, regardless of how big or small a step it is.

12 03 2008

Green can mean a lot, and I see green in a sexy way here.

But anyways, she doesn’t need any vehicles, and if she does, she doesn’t need something that big I agree. Besides, she could just hitch a ride to anywhere with his pals with black N white colored cars. The ones with sirens on top. (if you know what I mean.)


13 03 2008

EJ, that is true, you never called her green. I suppose if she was going to buy a yukon anyways, the hybrid was the better choice. If she wasn’t going to be purchasing a large suv, and bought this one in order to be green, then I would call it a misstep instead of a step in the right direction.

I will concede the point that neither of us are in a position to judge her intentions or the alternatives she was considering.

Cool blog, btw. Despite being a “greenie”, I am definitely into cars. You can see a post about the Smart Car (any celebrities in those yet?) on my companies blog that I write for here: http://phoneraiser.wordpress.com/2008/03/11/smarts-in-dallas/

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