Watch out for this guy in parking lots

5 03 2008

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Is this man (a) opening this Audi Allroad with a set of keys or (b) breaking into it? The answer is actually (c) breaking into it with a set of keys fashioned from toothpicks, a bottle cap, and a handful of crow intestines. How do I know this? Look closely…it’s MacGyver!

Own the Parade
On a semi-related note, even without the help of a crafty mechanical genius, the 1991 Honda Accord has become the number one stolen car in America according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Find it used on MyRide today.




3 responses

5 03 2008

MacGyver got a MacGut. Back away from those MacCookies.

5 03 2008
controlling chaos

even if the key is a laser-cut-key he can still break in?
[I thought the European cars could not be easily broken into?]

5 03 2008

He’s MacGyver, he can break into anything.

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