Katherine Heigl trashes her Range Rover

3 03 2008

Look Katherine Heigl, I know your career is taking off and all, but putting your perfectly good Range Rover Sport in a trash bag because you’re bored with it is a funny way to show off your success.

Katherine Heigl
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3 03 2008

A Range Rover is TRASH. One of the worst SUV’s in mankind’s history – unless of course had YUGO made an SUV-which they didn’t. Wasn’t the Range Rover the vehicle the president of AOL was driving home with his wife and kids from a Redskins game when it caught fire for no reason? Yes. It was.

And the ironic thing is this piece of crap is marketed as a go anywhere vehicle. How frightening is that? I wouldn’t want to drive one anywhere where help wasn’t readily available. And more frightening is these vehicles are being purchased by broke people who “f”lease them and can’t really afford them to begin with.

What a sorry state of affairs.

3 03 2008
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Very interesting way to use your Range Rover :P.

16 04 2008

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