The Billionaire Car Spectrum

14 02 2008

What do you drive if you’re worth billions? It depends. On one end you have “low-fliers” like Warren Buffet, who keeps it modest in a Cadillac DTS. In the middle you have your “diplomat ballers” in their stately armored Rolls Royces and Bentleys. At the far end you have your “GDPs” (net worth comparable to a small country’s GDP) like the Sultan of Brunei, who literally can’t spend his money on cars fast enough (he has over 367 Ferraris). And then…you have what we call “eccentric money” like Richard Branson, who was recently seen driving a tank down a major street in Toronto. I’ll take a Ferrari, thank you.

Own the Parade
This is too good not to do a “Caption This”.




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