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13 02 2008

This is why I love the crowd:

From hughvic, responding to “Matthew McConaughey’s / Lincoln’s Saving Grace”

I don’t think that there can be much question but that Lincoln’s is the greater embarassment. That Lincoln would re-badge or even re-skin anything other than a 500 hp Shelby design is a bloomin’ disgrace bordering on Empress Yekaterina’s Potemkin tour. Ford and Mercury should be fielding lines cobbled from downstream surplus Lincoln tooling; Lincoln never should have been positioned downstream of Ford, and forced to survive on the little unwary fish left uncaught by Explorers and Exhibitions and Hemispheres and Tectonics and other such rolling Superdomes that make their own weather to the continual dismay of the ladies who lunch. As for Mr. McConaughey, as long as he cleaves to his lovely Brazilian and keeps up with his nude bongo practice, he can wear a bro for all I care. And should he insist on both the manpurse and the manssiere, then that gentleman might consider a Vector to temper his excess.




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20 03 2008

omg.. good work, bro

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