Kevin Connolly’s New Year’s Surprise.

3 01 2008

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Poor Kevin Connolly.

Mr. Connolly (E, from Entourage) started the New Year off this weekend by returning to a parking lot only to find his Mercedes-Benz S500 the victim of a vicious hit and run. Perhaps this is a sign he needs to upgrade to the new S550, as fixing that crater is likely going to cost the equivalent of a down payment anyway.

Own the Parade
Given the choice, if I had to park in LA everyday, I might take E’s 1988 Honda Prelude from the first season of Entourage over inevitably experiencing the pain from some idiot hit-and-running my $80,000 S Class.




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3 01 2008
Poor Kevin Connolly

It was a rough way for Kevin Connolly to end the year, but he headed off to Cabo to put the accident and the year of media bashing behind him.
Hopefully 2008 will find Kevin Connolly in a fly new ride, back on the set of Entourage filming again (if this strike ever ends), and in the arms of a lovely deserving lady!
Poor Kevin Connolly. There are more pics from the same accident at Not sure, but there was some tall guy looking at the accident with him. A witness? The guilty party? Hmmmm?
Smooches to Kevin and everyone for a fabulous new year!!!

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