The Celebrity Car Parade Show

3 11 2007

50 Cent / Will Castro

So I’ve gotten some weird looks when I tell people I was at SEMA last week. For those of you don’t know, SEMA is essentially what you would get if Pimp My Ride, an auto show, and an Oscars after-party collectively had a baby. It is the ultimate show for those who customize cars. Did I mention it’s in Las Vegas?

The site I am now working for,, did extensive coverage of not only the show, but of the many celebrities who were in attendance promoting cars, rims, and of course, themselves. For your enjoyment, courtesy of MyRide:

Top Ten Celebrity Sightings at SEMA
The 50 Cent interveiw (Interviewed by me!)
Matt Leinart interview (Matt, DUB Magazine, and GM debuted his new Tahoe)
Jay Leno talks about his E85 Corvette (car #21,323 in the Leno garage)
Danny Bonaduce interview (acting very Danny Bonaduce)

If you are just interested in the show, check out our entire coverage in the MyRide community.

Also, the return of Celebrity Car Parade on MyRide…it’s coming.

Sorry I’ve been a bit out of touch. I’ve been living out of boxes for weeks am finally starting to settle in this wonderful Nation of California.






One response

5 11 2007

so why did they say It’s not a dirty word, I promise. i dont get it

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