Call the Mayor, the Parade’s in town

22 10 2007

You heard it here first. I’ve finally completed the journey to California and am hoping to re-launch CCP on within days. I’ve had little computer access as my stuff has been trucked across America and am currently blogging from a Blackberry. I will say this for those of you who have never been to Southern California: it’s a sad day when a Ferrari doesn’t stop you in your tracks, but that’s how it is out here. Last Ferrari I saw in Chicago was a Black (599?) in front of The Pennisula and Jordan (MJ) popped out as I walked by. Here I’ve already seen three and I’ve only been in town a week. Not to turn the Parade into a personal blog, but here’s to hoping California doesn’t jade this kid. See you on the sidelines soon!




6 responses

23 10 2007

E – Its great to see the parade is making a come back. Do it up in Cali, and good luck with the new step. I know you got it. NFL….

23 10 2007

Love the website, keep up the good work. Welcome to California.

24 10 2007

Ad Astra, Elliot. Eagerly awaiting more.

26 10 2007

Glad to hear you made it… any chance you will be at SEMA?

26 10 2007

Welcome to the neighborhood!

3 11 2007
George R.

Check out E’s interview of 50 (Fitty) cent and all the celebs he met at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Nice, very nice.

E’s Celebs Gallery

E interviews 50

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