An Open Letter to the Crowd

5 09 2007

So Happy

(Me on the happiest day of my life. Can you guess the car? Easy, I know.)

So some might call the pictures on CCP borrowed…others might call it, um, stealing. Either way I’d rather make that decision than a trial court…

After many conversations with various people, I have decided to spend a bit of time exploring ways to legitimize this site, something I probably should have done from the start. Does that mean the Parade is over? No, far from it. Let’s call it a rain delay.

If you are interested in being there when the Parade starts up again (and it will), click here and sign up and I will make sure to let you know when things get going again. No, I am not selling email addresses to raise money.

Thank you all for your unbelievable support and I’ll see you on the sidelines soon.


P.S. For those who need their parade fix, a shot of my man from Detroit courtesy of OMG (and BirdmanSTX, thanks!)




12 responses

5 09 2007


5 09 2007

Cadillac XLR.

5 09 2007

Happiest day of your life…..from a Cadillac?! My mother owns that as her fun summer car. I like to drive it I suppose (my BMW handles better), but I’m saving the best day of my life for something non-car-related.

5 09 2007

Cadillac XLR. Duh. That’s the only Cadillac convertible

5 09 2007

Idea to legitimize – just give photo credits and/or links to the site where you find the photos…?

5 09 2007

I agree with frat… there must be something simple you can do to keep the site going…. look forward to your return.

9 09 2007

Look at the steering wheel. It is obviously a BMW.

10 09 2007

I thought that was a saab logo on the wheel…..

20 09 2007

E, The 2nd happiest day of your life will be when u r behind the wheel of a new Saab 9-3 convertible (coming early October)!

26 09 2007

Gosh Blogger Darvick,
you´re such a stud!

26 09 2007

I wonder if anyone could figure it out without the steering wheel clue. Next biggest clue is the side view mirrors. Very art & science looking.

This website rocks. DJ ‘Oto in the house! Keepin it falafel,

David L, posting from the land of falafel

5 11 2007

That was also a pretty awesome day for me, as I got to ride in the car with you. Could have been better if I got to drive it…oh well. Enjoy the Cali sunshine bro!

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