No more limos for Mike Tyson

30 08 2007

Mike Tyson - Cadillac Rolling

That’s okay, because Mike Tyson has a friend with an Escalade. For someone who at the time of declaring bankruptcy owed one limo company well over $300,000, I’m glad to see he is still rolling around in style. Tyson is no stranger to the Celebrity Car Parade having once (I’m being presumptuous with the past tense here) owned a Ferarri F50.

Mike Tyson - Cadillac Rolling2

Can someone confirm for me what type of limo Mike Tyson was picked up from jail in back in ’95? Strange question, I know, but I seem to recall it was a stretch Lambo. Any truth to this?




3 responses

30 08 2007

He should get the Cadillac emblem tattooed on the other side of his face.

6 02 2008
Best Of The Web

Its Correct Mike Tyson Using Limo… In 95….

11 03 2008
Boxing » No more limos for Mike Tyson Celebrity Car Parade

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