Jessica Alba / Automotive Trendsetter

29 08 2007

Astro for the Stars

Jessica Alba is about to unleash a trend on LA like the city has never seen before.

That’s right…she’s bringing back the Chevrolet Astro.

I can hear the conversations now: “Look at Paris in her Bentley GTC…that’s so July.”

For years the Astro has had cult status in Japan, and as many of you know LA is the first stop for trends blowing across the Pacific. I suppose this was inevitable.

Okay so I’m just playin…the Cayenne (X5?) right behind her is probably her ride, but you never know.

[X17 Online]




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16 10 2007
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24 10 2007
Jessica Alba / Automotive Trendsetter

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28 12 2007
Jessica Alba Wallpapers

nice picture i love jessica alba –><3

12 05 2008

Cool info – look forward to stopping by again soon.

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