Victoria who?

23 08 2007

Beckham’s Got that Lambo

I don’t think it comes as a surprise to anyone, but it’s actually David who stuffs the family garage with rides (though I really dig Victoria’s GTC, always was a fan of the black on black). It’s an article from earlier this year, but MSN UK did a nice piece on David Beckham’s garage. I figured I’d post this for all our Parade watchers on the other side of the Atlantic (which I am noticing we have quite a few) who probably could care less about Big Papi or baseball, though come to think of it, Beckham isn’t even playing in Europe anymore…

Anyways, enjoy the article. There are some expected whips in there, and some strange ones too for Europe (seems to have an affinity for American trucks). He even has a TVR Cerbera (as odd as it looks); does anyone know if that would even be legal to drive in the US?

On that note, anyone know what he is driving around LA?




One response

24 08 2007

Recent model TVR’s are not street legal in the US.
They’ve been toying with trying to bring the Tuscan over for a while now but don’t hold your breath.

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