Voice yes, car…..no.

22 08 2007

Amy Winehouse 2

Amy Winehouse has enough issues to deal with, and probably doesn’t need me ragging on her ride (which I’m not sure is even hers), but for someone whose album went triple-platinum in the UK I would step it up a bit in the car-arena. God knows there are some hometown favorites to choose from.

Anyone know what this is, by the way?

Amy Winehouse

Thank you to everyone for your German-translation assistance, it was much appreciated. -E




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22 08 2007
George at MyRide

Try to make me go to the Car Dealer and I say, “No, No, No” She would be just right in a Camaro, pimped out.

22 08 2007

I believe that is an MG

22 08 2007

That’s a Renault Megane convertible (1st gen). They usually fell apart before they were sold.

22 08 2007

Oh, forgot to add:
remember this is the UK, so Amy is the passenger on the left side. I don’t think it’s her car.

22 08 2007


It seems like this car is nothing else like the previous generation Renault Megane Cabriolet (1997-2002). Renault cars are well known for high depreciation and this particular car seems like a vehicle of some student, but not the like any star could own. It is quite cheap, something about 7000 dollars may be. If this photo is not aged, then Amy does not resist using old and cheap vehicles.

Similar car can be seen here for example:



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