Half a million for an SL34?

22 08 2007

What’s an SL34 you ask? It’s what you get when #34 David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox wins a World Series and drops +$35K into a Mercedes SL65 AMG — and it can be all yours today!

Check out this auction currently being held on eBay for the car below.


Now I pose this question to the crowd:

Which would you shell out for; $465,700 and rising for Big Papi’s SL65 or $452,750+ for a brand new Mercedes SLR? I’m gonna let you all make that call…

Finally, a big shoutout to Cam & Petebow for the heads up.

Happy Bidding!




One response

23 08 2007

After Big Papi delivers the car to the new owner, will he also be personally hand-delivering a check for the amount the car sold for to a cancer research fund, or something of the sort? Or did his $52 million 4-year extension contract not allow him the opportunity to donate? Unless Joe DiMaggio or Ted Williams drove that car, you purchase the new Mercedes.

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