Does anyone speak German?

21 08 2007

I think CCP got a shoutout on this Swiss(?) website, but I haven’t a clue what it says. The best I can do translating the headline is: “It gives Promi-blogs many. Now an American has occur let himself however something special. ”

Many of you in the crowd are experts on German cars, any help on the language? Can you also confirm for me that Rowan Atkinson drives a McLarenF1? If this is true, then as I understand it, of the 100 cars built, a man who goes by the name of Mr. Bean drives one, and the other is a former member of a group called The Fugees?




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21 08 2007

nup don’t speak german, but i can confirm rowan atkinson did indeed own a mclaren f1, he even crashed it back in ’99 :(…and yep, wyclef jean also owns one 😛 what’s new pussy cat? whoa, whoa, whoa…

21 08 2007

Can’t help you on the German, but I can confirm that Rowan Atkinson has owned and crashed a McLaren F1 – I believe that’s how we found out he had one.

21 08 2007

You were right, the website is a swiss news site. The (not professional) translation would be:

Which brand does Affleck drive?

There are lots of celebrity blogs. But an american has come up with something special.

Instead of always posting the same pictures showing celebrities on parties, he shows the celebs with their cars – and specifies even the auto brand. So if you want to know what car Ben Affleck drives, just visit this page.

Greetings and keep up the good work!

21 08 2007

I speak German a little. It says that there is an american who created a kind of exceptional website. And if you want to see some pictures of stars beside their cars instead of the regular photos from parties, then you must visit this website, it says (and there is the link to your website).

So, it’s a kind of advertisiment for you. This is truly a swiss website. Something like city-news portal. Briefly about everything.

And yes, Rowan Atkinson did crashed his own McLaren F1 (which is my favourite car of all times), as did the former BMW-CEO Berndt Pischetsrieder with the car that was his company property.

Wyclef Jean owns McLaren F1 and he also owns Pagani Zonda and many more cars. He is a famous car-collector of the young generation (as JK from Jamiroquai).

21 08 2007

I do.

It goes along the lines of:
“There are many celebrity-related blogs out there. A guy from the US had a better idea. Instead of reposting the same old and boring photos of celebs he presents the starts with their cars – including brand and model. If you want to know what Ben Affleck drives follow this link…”

A nice plug!

is THE most read free commuter paper in Switzerland (yes it’s got a print version) , I noticed their columnists are very blog savvy.


21 08 2007

I speak German. Rowan Atkinson has got a McLaren F1 and a alternative: Audi A8.

I’m sure quite sure about the whole story, because there is a link to your website and other informations can find on your site…

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