Well it’s not an Aston…

20 08 2007

E in a Merc?

I saw a video of Entourage’s Kevin Connolly getting into a car, but aside from the side view mirrors below that to me said Merc, I’m pretty lost on this one. I tried using Google to get some more clue on what he drives and found Celebrity Car Parade, which doesn’t bode well for me as aspiring celebrity-car expert.

As usual, I defer to the wisdom of the crowd.

E in a Merc? (3)

One more shot…

E in a Merc? (2)

Oh, and you were correct to point out that the verse I spoke of was actually Juvenile on a Lil’ Wayne track. I guess Lil’ Wayne isn’t the lyrical genius I grew up thinking he was…




5 responses

21 08 2007

i can’t figure it either, but i can say it can only be a sedan judging by the back end in the first pic, and the mirrors look a bit s-class, although they could be e-class, and the dash hood thingy looks more e-class…i think my final guess would be e-class…anyone else?

21 08 2007

I was also going with an e-class Mercedes…maybe an E55/63 AMG?

21 08 2007

i would say e or c class, probably e-class. And i dont think its an AMG…no AMG shields in the seats from what I can see. I say E550.

21 08 2007

Its the updated Mercedes S-Class W220 as seen from the seats.

21 08 2007

Agree. An updated W220.

S-class’ headrests are well seen on first photo and then seats themselves, and mirrors and the front panel. Also the door panels are obviously from S-class W-220 (previous generation S-class), probably after first facelift.

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