Victoria Beckham drives what?

17 08 2007

Victoria Beckham drives what?

Well I’m not exactly sure…

Sorry for the late post, but I had to do a little digging. I’ve gotten some emails about whether or not Affleck’s ride was an S6 or an S8. I still say S8, but I’m open to challenges.

My reasoning is this:

1. Based on this photo there is no way it is a current generation S6.
(the tail lights don’t match)
2. Even if it was a second-gen S6 (the badge isn’t clear), I’m pretty sure it went out of production in ’03 and I’d be surprised if he wasn’t keeping his car-game fresh.
3. Comparing the wheels (S8 on the right) seems to give even more evidence.

S8 Comparo

That said, feel free to take a stab at what whip Posh Spice is kicking around LA these days.

Enjoy the weekend and thanks for all your feedback.




7 responses

17 08 2007

I would almost be willing to bet Posh’s auto is a Bentley GTC(droptop Conti GT), blacked out of course.

17 08 2007

She’s drives a black Bentley GT convertible. I’ve seen it before.

18 08 2007

yep that is a bentley GTC fo sure…

18 08 2007

looks like a gtc… but i’ve never seen that turn signal/reflector on the bumper before.

18 08 2007

Hi there.

Ben Affleck walks away from Audi S8 (current generation). No doubts. If only this car belongs to him.

Mrs.Beckham stands behind the 2007 Bentley Continental GTC (Carbriolet). Bad taste. Black cabrio with tinted windows. Oh, what a nigtmare…

20 08 2007
21 08 2007

no that auto trader listing isnt hers. u rly think VB would buy a used car?!
her rims are customized with “VB” center caps. its a GTC

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