Kanye returns from future, brings Benz.

16 08 2007

Futuristic Benz

Judging by the absence of a steering wheel on his Benz and his futuristic sunglasses, Kanye West has obviously figured out a way to time travel and has brought back a car that drives itself.

That or he’s in London and the steering wheel is on the other side. Can’t really explain away the sunglasses.




2 responses

16 08 2007

actually, i think he went to the past…and brought back those glasses, that watch and the sweater.

16 08 2007
Jacob Cynamon

Does anybody remember when Back to the Future 2 came out? They had a special promotion with sunglasses like those on our man Kanye. BTTF.com, a site even nerdy by my standards, has several pairs, but not the pair that I had, which resembled Kanye’s, but in a more stylish neon green color.

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