They Really Do Exist!!!

15 08 2007

A Prius!

Okay so one thing I have become skeptical about through this site is the existence of all these hybrids I hear celebrities drive. Apparently Cameron Diaz rolls in one. To be honest I’ve seen more Land Rovers than spectators at a Dakar rally. Whatever the case, my opinion is it’s a free country, drive what you want.

That said, expect to see more “green” whips you can floss on Sunset.

I’m talking about a Porsche Panamera Hybrid (and don’t start with me about 4-doors on a Porsche, already happened) or the BMW Hydrogen 7 Brad Pitt arrived in for the Ocean’s 13 premiere. Hell I’m sure you could even throw 22’s on the new hybrid Tahoe.

I have no intentions of making this site a pulpit, I just want to say that if you pull in a blockbuster paycheck and still want to drive-green, more options are clearly on the way…




3 responses

16 08 2007

hi elliot. CAMERON. not camaron. geez louise.

16 08 2007

Don’t forget about the Tesla or Ariel Atom (both going DC).

16 08 2007

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