Who said Hollywood was glamorous?

14 08 2007


Ben Affleck might want a Lexus RX and a baby in the backseat, but I think I’ll pass…And on a second note, I am seriously disappointed with the guy, because if you remember back in January it was Affleck who sold a $300,000 Bentley given to him by J-Lo. Not what you call trading up…

P.S. Big shout out to BirdmanSTX on the crowd participation




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15 08 2007

This is the best blog ever!!! Elliot is the best blogger ever!! Woo hoo.

15 08 2007

For better or worse, looks like it was actually an eco-friendly decision … The RX pictured is an RX Hybrid (based on the wheels), rated at 32 city & 27 hwy mpg (which I’m guessing is the best from any luxury vehicle … better than the newer GS hybrid anyway). The Bentley Azure was only getting him 11 and 16 mpg. You can’t do a celebrity car blog without commenting on the green factor more prevalent among them than among the rest of us.

5 11 2007
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