Flossing an ’08? Please. Try ’95.

14 08 2007

Michael Jennings’ Impala

Great article over the weekend in the New York Times about Michael Jennings. Jennings, who has bounced around the NFL now for a couple years and is currently trying to secure a spot with the NY Giants, has also been pursuing his other dream of building custom cars at the same time. Don’t bring him an S-Class though. Jennings’ shop specializes in the realm of the old school – think 26’s on an Impala.

As someone who grew up wishing for a ’96 Impala myself (yea, I was that kid), I wish Jennings nothing but the best. Having built some rides already for others in the NFL, Jennings might soon have a following…even if it isn’t in the world of football.

Check out Phat Boi Slim Customs

On a side note, and on the theme of pro-athletes and their custom car ambitions (and not just driving them), I have to give some hometown love to the Piston’s Lindsey Hunter, who runs the successful Detroit Custom Concepts. You can bring him an S-Class.




2 responses

16 08 2007

I was also the kid who really wanted a ’96 Impaler….back in ’96. 11 years later, it just shows a lack of ingenuity.

18 08 2007

Well… while I wasn’t a kid (21 until present) I dream literally of having a Nissan Quest or some other minivan.

So there are stranger kids out there…

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