We are not alone!

13 08 2007


I have gotten at least five comments today alone regarding the post “Remember when heroes had capes?” arguing that the Mercedes Hayden is walking to is in fact an ML and not a GL (ML, not GL, rims). Like I said, I agonized over this one.

I bring this up not to defend myself (dumb mistake), but to say how delighted I am to know that there are people out there who obsess about and watch this stuff as carefully as I do. We are not alone!

On that note, if anyone can tell me what kind of car Bai Ling (I think I saw her on Entourage?) is driving below, I will be most impressed.

Bai Ling Ling Bai




13 responses

13 08 2007
Peter S.

The car is a Mercedes SLK-Class

BTW, your website rocks, and it’s going in my bookmarks

13 08 2007

It’s a Porsche 911.

14 08 2007

Definitely an SLK, just like the one I have. Distinctive roll bars, buttons on the steering wheel and dash gauges.

14 08 2007

its def a mercedes

14 08 2007

not a porsche 911… i would know ..i drive one…
though my guess was the new porsche boxster

14 08 2007

Benz SLK is my guess too going by the stereo console area.

14 08 2007

its an SLK

14 08 2007


14 08 2007

Yeah you all are right, it is a Mercedes-Benz SLK, not a Porsche 911.

14 08 2007
Greg Puhler

This site rocks! And please …..more pics of Bai Ling please (and whatever sh’e driving!)

14 08 2007

its a smart.

15 08 2007
Five Ohhh!

350z Convertible….


16 08 2007

Might be SLK but have you all looked at the possibility of it being a TVR Tuscan Convertible?

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