Our first crowd contribution…

13 08 2007

Hayden Panettiere / Cayenne
A big shoutout to Davizzle for being the first from the crowd to submit something to the Celebrity Car Parade. Seen above is Hayden Panettiere getting into a Porsche Cayenne and (nerd alert) judging by the rims it’s a Turbo. Not to pick on Hayden anymore than we have, but if I’m goinga drop +$90K on a Porsche, the Cayenne doesn’t jump to the top of my list. Then again, I’m hating, and if you read the post below you’ll notice I drive an Olds Alero…for now.




8 responses

13 08 2007
Avinash Machado

Nice site. Came to know of it through Autoblog. Keep up the good work.

13 08 2007

Ive seen other pics, its not a turbo its an S if you look closely at the trim on the door its not leather, which means its not a turbo

13 08 2007

we love your blog! we just added you to our blogroll..


13 08 2007
Cars & Babes

beautiful girl and a matching beautiful car 😉

if you want to see more babes in front of hot cars visit my blog – Cars and Babes

13 08 2007

not a turbo; cayenne S. turbo has bigger wheels and quad exhaust

13 08 2007
Jeff Trundle

That’s not a Cayenne Turbo. All Cayenne Turbos have body colored lower trim, not black. This is either a Cayenne S or Cayenne.

14 08 2007

Yea its an S. You can get any of the wheels on any trim level.

16 08 2007

In Chicago, that’s probably the most popular “daddy/husband/other bought me this” vehicle on the road. With that in mind, any woman driving a Cayenne is 10 times hotter than without.

This is coming from a previous n-body owner, current E46 owner.

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