Yea, I know what you’re thinking…

12 08 2007

An Alero
Okay, so it’s no Lambo. I thought it would be a year or two before I found my own car gracing the pages of the Celebrity Car Parade, but here it is, in all its glory driven by the up-and-coming Zac Efron. Unfortunately, his having starred in a popular Disney movie (High School Musical) and the recent Hairspray doesn’t exactly make my Oldsmobile Alero any cooler. I’m planning on selling it by the time he is done filming the redo of Footloose…




4 responses

13 08 2007
Deborah Register

Car does not make a person. Person makes the car stand out!

Person within the car … that is important!

14 08 2007

yea i agree with the person with an old lady for an avatar

14 08 2007

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15 08 2007

Isn’t he under 18? His parent(s) may be witholding money for a new fancy car in order to keep his feet on planet Earth.

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