Remember when heroes had capes?

9 08 2007

Hayden Panettiere / GL

Well now they drive Benzes.

Hayden Panettiere, who stars on NBC’s series Heroes as a high-school cheerleader with regenerative healing powers, is seen here getting into a Mercedes GL. One, I agonized over whether it was an ML or GL and decided it was a GL based on the slope of the grill (I’m a huge nerd, I know). Two, if I had banked +$2 million by the time I was 18, I’m pretty sure I would have spent it on something other than the same car my mom probably drives.




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10 08 2007
Leroy Crifton

Yeeeeeeaaah I agree wit you. I heard Davizzle’s mom drives a white ML. Love the site.


13 08 2007

That’s not a GL, it’s an ML. Notice the wheels, standard on the ML350.

13 08 2007

yeah, that’s an ml350.. rims and bumper are a dead giveaway, and the lights…

13 08 2007

Uh, by the wheels, that’s a ML

13 08 2007

and the hood slope…

13 08 2007

Yo, Davizzle.
Ellioto’s mom here. Don’t diss us mammas and our wheels. BTW I drive a 2-door red Pontiac G-6 and I love it. Now that my carpooling days are as long gone as the Edsel, I am considering a vanity plate — NOMOVAN. Be good. Momizzle

13 08 2007

Actually, that’s a Mercedes-Benz ML-350. You can tell by the rims, which indicate that it’s the base model with the V-6 and no sports package. If you go to, there are a ton of pictures of celebrities in their cars.

14 08 2007

You’re terrific-whatever you say! XOXO,G’ma L

3 05 2008
Lap of Luxury 17

Yeah, my mom has a black on tan Mercedes-Benz GL550 SUV. For the sake of coolness, I probably would not want to drive the same car my mom has. My dad drives a silver on cashmere Cadillac Escalade ESV company car. He said he would let me have one of his Ferarris of Lamborghinis since I’ll have my Leraner’s Permit soon, but he said that those are “too fast for a high school student”, but, since I’m a huge fan of big, gas-guzzling SUVs, he said he’ll let me have either a Lincoln Navigator, a Cadillac Escalade, an Infiniti QX56, an Audi Q7, or a Mercedes-Benz GL450 no matter what the price. Let’s see; the Navigator is butt ugly, the Escalade’s interior materials are rental-car cheap and the interior space is tiny, the QX56 is pretty but needs some adrendaline BAD, the Audi is pretty but too bland for me and more of a concept car than an SUV, so, I’ll take the GORGEOUS GL450 Benz, especially because it has one a Car and Driver magazine comparison and their 5Best Truck award TWICE, and it’s one Motor Trend magzine’s Sport Utility of the Year. Reason enough? Tell me in a blog.

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