T’s Cadillac or E’s Aston Martin?

7 08 2007


We all know Ari Gold switched the numbers on his wife’s Benz so she thought she had the V12. And how many times did we watch Tony Soprano in his Chevy Suburban during the opening credits? But do you remember what Sil was driving when he took Adrianna on her final ride? (A Cadillac of course.) Or did you know that Vince’s cousin Dom was at the time driving the only ’07 Mercedes S65 in the US?

I don’t know how I missed this, but Forbes published two excellent Top 10 lists, the first being Ten Memorable Car Scenes from The Sopranos and the second, Vehicles Featured on Entourage. Big ups to Forbes for putting these lists together.

If you think about it there is some automotive overlap between the two shows. Though not featured in the slideshow above, Chris Moltisanti drove a yellow Hummer H2 just like Turtle’s, and later he aquired Johnny ‘Sack’ Sacramoni’s Maserati – a coupe to E’s Quattroporte. Considering Chris’s Hollywood ambitions, it all seems to fit.

The bottom line is both shows, especially Entourage, are like mana for car lovers. Not to mention the shows are incredible in their own right. Bless you HBO.




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